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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need to pay even if I have insurance?

It depends upon how many percentage your plan covers. If your plan covers 100% of the treatment cost, you may not need to pay except deductible. If your plan covers 80%, you need to pay 20% of the treatment cost out of your pocket. please call your plan provider to get Idea or contact us and we can find that out for your.

What therapy is best for my pain?

Dependin upon your pain and family physician’s recommendation, you should start with that therapy. Physiotherapy assessment will provide you an idea of nature of pain and how many sessions are required. Our experience staff will do full assessment (Physio or chiropractor) and let you know the best treatment plan to manage your pain.

Is a physician’s referral necessary for me to access physiotherapy?

No, a doctor's referral is not mandatory for accessing physiotherapy. However, some insurance plans or specific clinics may have varying requirements, so it's advisable to check with the physiotherapy provider or your insurance provider for accurate information. In many cases, individuals can directly seek physiotherapy services without a referral and initiate the process to address their health and wellness needs.

Is physiotherapy covered by Brampton Health Care?

The coverage for physiotherapy under Brampton Health Care may vary. It is recommended to check with your specific health insurance plan or directly contact Brampton Health Care to inquire about the extent of physiotherapy coverage provided.

When is the ideal time to commence physiotherapy after sustaining an injury?

The kind and extent of the injury will determine when it is best to start physical therapy after it has occurred. In many situations, it's best to begin physical therapy right away in order to avoid more issues and encourage a quicker recovery. But it's important to speak with a medical expert who can evaluate your particular circumstances and offer tailored advice on whether to start physical therapy.

How often do I need to come in for visits?

The frequency of visits will vary based on your individual needs and the nature of your treatment plan. It is determined during your initial consultation, taking into account your specific health goals and conditions.

What is the expected duration of my initial appointment?

The anticipated duration of your initial appointment is typically determined by the specific nature of the consultation or service you are seeking. Please provide more details about your appointment, and we can offer a more accurate estimate.